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CS&G specializes in HealthCare Facilities of all sizes becoming an extension of their staff in the planning and implementation of short and long range growth plans. We understand that in today's business environment facilities need every edge available to them. At CS&G we talk about being "Image Driven" because the perception that your facility presents becomes reality. Signs are but one tool to use, they function as a tool in "wayfinding" and can reinforce a branding program while creating an emotional response. It creates a sense of space for people signage identifies, directs and informs while acting as streetscape exterior and interior.

CS&G is the leader in providing wayfinding solutions for healthcare facilities. Each hospital situation requires a unique strategy, and CS&G is able to assess the needs and produce appropriate products to satisfy any particular challenge. CS&G orchestrates the entire needs analysis through implementation of the signage system. CS&G investigates existing and projected user patterns, adapting or replacing signage elements as needed. CS&G supplies a comprehensive “blueprint” that becomes a living documentation of the signage system.

CS&G is able to provide a comprehensive wayfinding solution to any client. Value is driven from the fact that Cooper is vertical, able to provide all wayfinding services from the initial consultation and design of a system all the way through to the manufacture and implementation of the system. By keeping the project within Cooper’s control, there is less chance of miscommunication or poor service.

Cooper has the ability to manufacture custom signage in-house, which is a significant differentiation. Some organizations outsource manufacturing, which limits their ability to offer signage in small quantities. The ability to manufacture signage provides Cooper the ability to duplicate current signage from multiple manufactures.

Cooper Signage & Graphics is able to offer a wealth of knowledge to the healthcare industry. CS&G operates almost exclusively within the healthcare market (90% of their business is within healthcare, the other 10% is based off of referrals). Through this they are able to appreciate and understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities in terms of wayfinding products and services. By understanding these needs, they are able to offer clients with effective systems that will truly bring value to all within the facility, be it staff, patients, or visitors.

Cooper Signage & Graphics is one of the leading providers of wayfinding products and services within the healthcare industry and is continuously ranked nationally as one of the top five sign companies for healthcare.

CS&G leads the market in design build of “Image Driven Wayfinding Solutions for Health Care.” CS&G positions standard series products that emulate designs of other national sign companies and innovative series based on response to market conditions.

CS&G services clients nationwide and our staff of talented designers, project managers, programming and support personnel, and production and installation team members’ average 10 years experience in architectural signage and wayfinding. In addition to frequent guest lecturing, CS&G President Randy Cooper authored the AHA Press book, Wayfinding for Healthcare, Best Practices for Today's Facilities, and has been published in various publications on the topic of healthcare wayfinding and signage.

Cooper Signage & Graphics

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