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Lancaster General Hospital

Lancaster, PA


Consists Of:

Lancaster General Hospital (a 496 bed facility),

One Offsite Women's Speciality Hospital, Three Clinics, and Home Health Agencies.

CS&G was brought on board as a resource for design of a unified wayfinding program for interior and exterior signage, orchestrate a donor recognition program for a major expansion program.

Total scope of work has exceeded $1,000,000.00. CS&G provided a comprehensive signage standards manual for local and in house signage updates. CS&G was hired to fabricate and install exterior and interior wayfinding singnage. Additionally CS&G supplied the expansion’s donor recognition program.


CS&G worked with foundation staff on recognition of donors at multiple locations & visually weighted

levels capital campaign appreciation program.

CS&G developed/implemented a unified parking area designation terminology along with colorful easy to replace banners tied into a remember where you parked card/directory system.


The historic urban streetscape required a signage system that conveyed new materials yet incorporated the brick intensive environment. CS&G implemented a modular panel system that incorporated architectural trim colors and custom shaped brick accents

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